Sea Cucumber Marine Food Gel Mask Review

I love anything to do with the sea I was so curious I couldn’t resist.  So lets jump into the review!


This mask comes in five different flavors and I purchased the sea cucumber and the jellyfish (what?!) to give a try. I purchased them here.

Photo Jul 21, 9 58 49 PM
I didn’t know sea cucumbers could look so scary!

This mask is said to be infused with sea cucumber and blue marine complex ( whatever that is) to hydrate and sooth sun-stressed skin. I was unfamiliar with the benefits that sea cucumber had for the skin so I did a little research and found that they have a lot of health benefits when ingested and may hold the secret key to the fountain of youth. The masks have the same description on the back for what they’ll do for your skin, so I’m going to guess after doing some research this one if for firming. Let’s hope I’m right.

Photo Jul 21, 9 58 57 PM

Here is the back of the packaging. I tried to look for an ingredients list in english somewhere, but sadly had no luck. There isn’t much out there about this line of masks except the description on the back.



Photo Jul 21, 10 07 51 PM

My bare face! For reference I have oily very acne prone skin as you may be able to see. Lets see if the mask can help any of this nonsense.

Photo Jul 21, 10 02 49 PM
The mask kept creeping down my face.

I opened up the mask and it has a faint fermented smell, almost like wine and I was pleased to find it was a hydrogel mask and that it was in two separate pieces for a better fit on the face. This mask comes DRENCHED with essence that has a thick and smooth consistency something I haven’t felt on another sheet mask before.

I left the mask on for 20 minutes and here s what my skin looked like after:

Photo Jul 21, 10 48 00 PM

The Final Verdict:

4/5 My skin felt moisturized and smooth, but I don’t really calming or smoothing effect on the blemishes of my face. My face felt very firm after removing the mask. And I though it looked and felt a bit slimmer in the after photo.


Thank you for reading my review and I will see you again next time ♥




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