Yes Style Haul

I had found yesstyle through reddit and I was lost for days in this online ware house of cosmetics. I spend a few days to put this haul together and during check out I found out some of the items would take 20 days to be in stock and the whole order ships together. I decided I would wait and was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t expect these to even ship out until the 29th and they arrived on my door today! I really can’t wait to dive in and play with my new goodies!

Photo Jul 27, 5 43 18 PM

From left to right:

Macqueen creamy lip tint #02 Nude Coral, Bihada Ichizoku triple wink beam mascara with stickers, Go Hani! Paper Pusher stretch mascara, Canmake Gokumori mascara #01 Mega Jet Black, Hanaka skin reviving deep cleanser in Queen, free samples, Sun Smile wash off face pack Hot, Sexylook hydrating black mask, Creer Beaute Sailor Moon face mask, Sun Smile Pure Smile essence mask set (horse oil, green tea, camellia, silk, gold, and Mt. Fuji)


Reviews will be coming soon!


Thank you so much for reading! I will see you next time ♥



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