Triple Wink Beam Mascara Review

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I was on vacation and tested out a few items while getting sunburned and sweaty by the beach. This being one of the items I purchased here in my yesstyle haul. The brand is Bihada Ichizoku and I was very unfamiliar with the brand and have only seen them before on yesstyle. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to purchase this because it was a little pricy  and would take the longest to get to me, but I am very glad I took the chance.

Photo Aug 09, 12 12 00 PM
It came with a sticker sheet!

I get such a Cat Woman/ Tuxedo Mask feel from the character on the stickers.

Photo Aug 09, 12 12 13 PM
The side of the packaging.
Photo Aug 09, 12 12 21 PM
The back of the packaging

Photo Aug 09, 12 02 17 PM

What really got this into my cart was the shape of the wand. I didn’t think it would really be a heart, but to my surprise it is. It has very short bristles to get lower lashes and long bristles that really coat every lash. When you first open the tube you are hit with a STRONG floral sent it was luckily nothing that irritated my eyes and it takes a week or so of use for the scent to dissipate. Also, there are some fibers in this mascara. If you have incredibly sensitive eyes you may want to steer clear.

Photo Aug 09, 12 01 15 PM
My bare lashes curled
Photo Aug 09, 12 06 17 PM
Photo Aug 09, 12 06 25 PM
Volume for days!
Photo Aug 09, 12 06 33 PM
Sky rocket lashes 

The mascara is on the left side as you can see I put on 2 coats and the proof is in the pudding! I have these fun flirty lashes that I didn’t know I could ever have. I took this mascara with me to the beach and the boardwalk and my lashes stayed curled and fluttery all day.When I first tried this mascara my boyfriend asked me why I was going to wear falsies to the beach. The heat, humidity and sweat didn’t wear on my mascara at all. I looked like a sunburned mess, but my lashes looked flawless.


4/5 This mascara worked a lash miracle for me. I knocked off points were for the strong fragrance.


Thank you so much for reading and I will see you next time ♥




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