Got to catch them all!


My inner 7 year old is freaking out over the resurgence of the pokémon and finally getting to fulfill my birthday wish of being a pokémon master! I had heard that it’s demo was coming out with a pokémon line and didn’t think I’d be able to get my hands on anything or I would have to pay ridiculous mark up from an ebay seller. I found through a subreddit that the owner of an online store was gauging interest to see if she should feature it and ended up taking pre orders for items. Some items sold out in seconds and although not all make up related I got some super cute goodies from here from beautius.

I purchased the plush pair keychain which is HUGE to my surprise! It is so fluffy and makes an interesting decoration on my bag. And I also got the Dolce make up pouch which was smaller than I was expecting, but the print is cavity inducingly cute. The absolute cherry on top where the freebies that were included. I had expected my order to take a while and the owner, Tracey, sent me updates along the way apologizing for the long wait. She was so generous to include this adorable wash cloth, candies, and nose strip. I will defiantly order from them again.

For my next post I’m going to do a one brand make up look so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for reading ♥

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