The Face Shop Signature Highlighter Review

Good afternoon everyone! I was browsing just seeing what was new on my favorite websites and I saw this highlighter and I saw how posh the packaging was and I had to have it! It didn’t matter if it would work or not.I also have a lot of cream highlighters already but not any powder so I thought why not. The worst that could happen was this pretty compact would sit in my bathroom. So lets see what I thought…



The packaging is made of plastic it feels a little cheap but the look of it is so elegant it really makes up for it. It does have a mirror in the compact and a tiny brush for touch ups and would fit well into your bag. The compact has a frosted finish and picks up finger prints easily. The description on the box reads: like fresh, dewy flowers in bloom, the combination highlighter blends perfectly to give you gorgeous, glowing skin. I like that way that sounds I hope it delivers what it promises.


Photo Aug 18, 11 32 41 AM

The Product & Swatch:

The colors that they use for the highlighter are so appealing to my girlie side. When I first opened the packaging it has a faint floral/ rose sent that isn’t detectable on the skin. The texture is smooth and velvety and it does kick up a little powder. It has subtle chunks of glitter. It blends out to be a very subtle highlight or you can build it up to something more dramatic. It does give a really nice glow to the skin. I swatched each strip of color and blended them all together and swatched it and in the photo they all look the same.

Final Thoughts:

4/5  I really loved this product the texture and color are are so beautiful. When I first purchased this I didn’t know it came in blush shades and I have already ordered them both to try. I love it for my more natural days or when I want a subtle glow on my face. I purchased this product here for $10.95 for 6g of product. If you don’t want to order from over seas it is also available on amazon as well.


Thank you so much for reading and I will see you next time ♥♥

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