Sun Smile-Pure Smile Ofuro No Off Kai Washing Off Face Pack Hot Review

Hello everyone! So I have been playing and testing out items from my Yes Style Haul and when I had purchased this wash off face pack I guess I wasn’t paying very much attention or I was tiredly shopping at midnight. To be honest it was probably a little bit of both 😉 I had just seen the words HOT and thought it would would be a warming cleanser to really clean out my pores. I’ve been having such bad breakouts recently and it’s really been bumming me out. I realized after purchasing that it was a warming wash off mask but still hoped it would help with my face. But let’s see if it helps at all.



After I received it I tried to do a bit of research on this product since I can’t read Japanese and what I was able to collect is that you leave it on for 20 minutes and it is going to be very warming on your skin and that it comes in a “cool” version as well that is pictured in the advertisement above.

Photo Aug 26, 12 45 41 PM

I’m not sure exactly what it’s claims are exactly. The flavor is in ylang ylang dream and it smells very heavily of the flower. It is a thick clear gel. I have used this once before my shower and washed it off in there and I also have used it while vegging out watching tv a few times. This mask gets very hot quite quickly and the sensation stays for the 20 minutes. I was actually surprised the first time I applied the mask how hot it got and I got used to the heat quickly. Your face also gets quite flushed from the heat after you wash the pack off.I could see this being relaxing while being in a bath. But be careful when I used this in the shower the heat and steam made this a bit runny and some got in my mouth. This tastes like perfumed flowers 😛 After washing it off my skin felt softer but I didn’t really notice a difference int he size of my pores or the condition of my skin too much.

Final Thoughts:

2/5 This mask was relaxing and very warming, but I didn’t really see any difference in my skin after use. Also if you are sensitive to fragrance or have sensitive skin this might not be the product for you. I will use this up and not repurchase.

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