Sailor Moon Sheet Mask Review



Good Evening everyone!! I was very excited to have gotten my hands on these Sailor Moon sheet masks. I remember being in elementary school and rushing home to watch Sailor Moon on Toonami. I immediately acquire an obsession that would follow me into my adult life.

I purchased this set of masks in my Yes Style Haul and it comes in a bundle of 5 masks and all the masks are the same. It is made by Creer beauty and they also make a different pack of Sailor Moon masks as well. These masks are based on the 5 different sailor scouts each character representing a major ingredient. The ingredients include primrose oil, avocado extract, Vitamin B3, katsuma flower extract, prune extract, and hyaluronic acid as some of the star beauty ingredients. It also highlights being free of parabens and alcohol and the white rose sent is supposed to create a romantic mood. I pulled this info from the yesstyle page where I purchased the pack for $13.21 and they are limited edition.

My Final Thoughts:

3/5 The white rose is very powerful and the fit is a bit off on my face. It was almost like it was too big. And after I took off the mask my face had a hint of a glow to it and looked a little bit smoother. It was an ok sheet mask that has amazing packaging. It was fun to try but I will not repurchase.

If you would like to purchase my phone case I got her from amazon.

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Photo Aug 30, 6 24 26 PM

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