I won a pair of jeans!

Happy Friday everyone!! I’ve never considered myself lucky, but I’ve been having the absolute best week ever. I know this isn’t make up related but I am so excited I really wanted to share my experience! I had been visiting this website denimology for a few years to see what jeans celebrities are wearing and new denim brands, styles, and just things of that nature. They recently started a contest giving away free buffalo jeans a few months ago and I thought I would sign up for an account, which is free, on their site and earn entries. I would visit every day to gain more entries and I didn’t think I would win at all. And I woke up Wednesday morning to an email from Scott Feathers telling me I was August’s winner and should receive an email from someone at Buffalo Jeans regarding where to send the jeans and what size and style I would like. I corresponded with Diane Alexander and told her I was getting the hope in crimson in a 24. And then today I woke up to an email from her that said the warehouse didn’t have the 24 but shipped out a 25 instead, but she will look in the Canadian warehouse for me. I can be in between sizes so I was hoping the 25 would end up fitting. I got home from work today and the jeans were already at my door step. They came packaged in a plastic drawstring bag and I tried them on and they fit PERFECTLY! I am absolutely in love with these jeans! The contest is still going on if you want to make an account to enter, you never know you could wake up to a winning email!

Have you ever one something in a contest? Share it in the comments!

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Photo Aug 30, 6 24 26 PM

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time ♥


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