The Itchiest Mascara Ever!

Hello Everyone! So I first saw the touch in SOL Go, Hani! Paper Pusher Stretch Fiber Lengthening Mascara on Gothamista’s channel  and was incredible intrigued because this brand uses paper fibers to give length to your lashes. I had never heard of that before and was very eager to try it. I purchased it during my Yes Style Haul for $21.90 for 7g of product and early applied it onto my lashes. Let’s see what happened…

There are a few different versions of this mascara but I purchased the same one in the video which coincidently has the cutest packaging of all. Pink, black, and covered in hearts just how I like my cosmetics ♥ The wand is an elongated diamond which seems like it will be perfect to coat every lash. This wand is COVERED in fibers! I tried to catch them, but they didn’t show up well in photographs. Like this wand is wearing a shag coat of very fine paper fibers.

My bare curled lash

There are two coats of this mascara on the left side and it looks beautiful. It gives exactly what it promises and gives length and fullness to the point where I would be able to wear this mascara out without any false lashes. But here is the kicker it ITCHES like the dickens. When I first tried it out I immediately had to take it off because my eyes were red from irritation and I wanted to claw them out of my head. Thank goodness it is easily removed with soap and water. Fiber mascaras have never bothered me before so I was a bit bummed. I tried this again a few times to see if maybe the fiber content would subside and even for these photos I had to remove the mascara after about 10 mins because it started to itch some more. And its not fiber fall out or any fragrance to this mascara.


2/5… I would be in love with this mascara but it itches and irritates my eyes too much for me to even make it out of the house with it on (ノ °益°)ノ 彡 ┻━┻ I am going to try out their other formulas to see if maybe I have more luck there because other that that it looks beautiful.

What’s a mascara that you wanted to love that you just couldn’t make work? Share it in the comments.


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Photo Aug 30, 6 24 26 PM

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you next time ♥


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