Beauty Box Korea Mini Haul + First Impressions

Good Morning

Hello everyone! So I have finally received my order from beauty box korea. I have never ordered from them before and they had some items I had never seen at the places I usually order from. It took them a little while longer to receive my items but I am happy and will order from them again in the future. They did also had the “pink skull” pallet I was looking for. I mean the color pink and skulls how could I resist? I did also pick up some other items as well. So let’s see what I got…

Etude House Pink Skull Color Eyes #02 Funky Skull: I went with more dark and dramatic colors because I thought they would show up better. The colors are pretty smooth and don’t have any fall out the darker colors show up really nicely and aren’t too harsh. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Daiso Blending Puff: This is very soft and they send you a color randomly so I was very happy to see I have gotten pink 🙂 I hope I can finally trash my beauty blender!

The Face Shop Seed Cure Lash Essence: I am really desperate to have my lashes grow! I’ve tried so many different serums and treatments to get anything out of my puny little lashes. I had seen some good things about this product so I hope this is a winner.

Skinfood Marine Food Gel Mask in Oyster & Skinfood Marine Food Gel Mask in Jellyfish: I have tried the jellyfish mask before and I absolutely loved it. It really brightened my face and smoothed things out and I also picked up the oyster to see how well that one would perform and if I would like it as well.

WONDER PLACE UNPRETTY RAPSTAR Ssin Stealer Art Film Lashes #01 & #02: Ssin is one of my favorite youtubers and wear false lashes most days because of how sad my lashes are these ones looked more natural and not so BAM eyelashes. They have a clear band and when I applied them the lashes are very comfortable on my eyes.

Free Samples 🙂

Here is the look I created with the pink skull pallet and with the Ssin lashes in #01

Swatches of the pink skull pallet on NC30


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photo-sep-17-9-20-48-amPhoto Aug 30, 6 24 26 PM

Thank you for reading and I will see you next time ♥


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