Etude House Any Cushion Cream Filter Review

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I’m sorry I have been away. I am recovering from a very bad cold and busy with work I would just come home and feel so drained I couldn’t do anything but sleep. Before I got this doozey of a cold I was testing out the new Etude House Any Cushion Cream Filter. I purchased the Any Cushion here for $13.94 and you get 14g of product.



First of all the packaging is fit for a princess! They always get it right with the cutesy packaging. This cushion has the mesh cover like the Missha Cushion I previously reviewed and is supposed to give more even distribution than the sponge type of cushion. It has SPF 33 PA++ and uses the color green to create a filter to give skin radiance and to look fresh like morning skin. It comes in more of a shade range which I was very excited about.


Swatched the shade Tan on NC 30 Skin Tone

My Findings:

I purchased the darkest shade and I noticed immediately that there was an oil layer on top of the cushion that I kind of had to massage the foundation with the cushion to get some color and not just oil. I think this would be good for people with dry skin or during the fall/ winter months. The color match is perfect on this but the coverage is very light. I tried to build up coverage as much as I could and it didn’t seem to cover any of my blemishes or dark circles. It has a semi matte finish and matte when set with power. I tried it without powder or a primer and it disintegrated off my face completely after 3/4 hours. It lasted about 5 hours with primer and powder. It evened out my skin tone and slightly neutralized redness. It didn’t break out my oils skin, but I felt like it clogged my pores.

Final Thoughts:

2.5/5 This felt pretty meh to me. It did brighten and even out my skin tone a little bit but I don’t think this was right for my skin type. It also didn’t provide nearly enough coverage for me.  It really is what the names says just a very light filter on the skin.

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Photo Aug 30, 6 24 26 PM

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