Take A Chance on Me

Like every girl out there I’m looking for that HG product that will step up my make up game and make my face look flawless. Finding those HG items is a lot like trying to find your prince charming, you have to kiss a lot of frogs. I took a chance of a few products recently I didn’t do any research on them just saw them and plopped them into my cart and was so pleased with the gold mine I received I wanted to share…

The SAEM MOJITO Water Mist Lime: This is a fine mist that smell like, you guessed it, lime! The bottle it comes in is so adorable and it comes in other variations as well. I put it on before my make up without any primer and my make up went on LIKE BUTTER. The cooling elements in this mist gave my face a lit from within glow. It also takes away any cakey feeling from my make up.

The SAEM Iceland Micro Hydrating Eye Stick: First of all how cute is this packaging!? It reminds me of the Tony Moly Panda eye stick. I love polar bears so this couldn’t get into my shopping bag fast enough. It has a gorgeous scent that dissipates quickly and it isn’t sticky on the eyes at all. I wish I could buy a perfume with the same scent. It helps de puff my and soothe the bags under my eyes.

The SAEM Saemmul Half & Half Stick Concealer: This is such an interesting concept, I have the half & half lipstick and enjoy it but pounced when i saw it came in a color correcting version. I have a lot of acne and redness in my face and it is like a never ending quest to find a good color corrector. I put this on under my foundation and the green side covers up my unwanted redness and the pink rose side helps to disguise my dark circles. It is a very creamy and blend able formula that is like camouflage for the imperfections on my face.

You never know the next impulse item you buy could change your life.



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The SAEM Mojito Lime Mist

The SAEM Hydrating Eye Stick

The SAEM Half & Half Concealer Stick

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