Supernova Pallet Look and Mini Review

Happy Saturday Everyone!


I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I was a bit surprised by all the Halloween sales that flooded my inbox. I ended up ordering a new pallet from BH Cosmetics as well as a brush set to get the free Pride Prdejudice and Zombies Pallet. I had wanted to try some make up from them for a while and this is what threw me over. I’m going to the last night of Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary tonight and thought i would do something big with my make up and the perfect opportunity to take this pallet out for a spin. You can purchase this pallet here.

I’ve been so obsessed with reddish eyeshadows and the colors Neutron and Aries immediately caught my eye. These are baked eyeshadows, so you can use hem wet or dry. I found some of the lighter colors invisible unless I used them wet. The jewel tones are perfect for the now holiday season and I found the majority of the shadows really blend able and build able. Its a nice pallet for the price and they usually have sales or deals going on.

Photo Aug 30, 6 24 26 PM

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