A’pieu Jelly Pong Eyeshadow Review

Hello everyone! I enjoy trying out items from A’pieu because they are friendly on my wallet and more often than not they give me great results. They’ve been putting out some really cute items recently, the Rilakuma collection, and when I saw these new eye shadows I jumped on them. Let’s see how well they preformed.

Photo courtesy  of Beauty Box Korea 

About the Product: You get 4.8g of product for $4.29 I purchased them here. You get A LOT of product with these I think it would take me a long time with everyday use to even hit pan. They came out with three shades #1 A Piece of Chiffon #2 Good Honey and #3 Fondant Chocolate. I purchased #2 and #3 because I already had a lot of shades similar to #1. They have a simple and sleek design in plastic containers with a pattern imprinted on the product. The texture is very velvety and smooth and they are more on the sheer side and have a metallic finish to them and the color is very build able. They claim to be long lasting and to mix together a creamy and pressed eyeshadow.

My Thoughts: 4/5 The texture on these are amazing they are silky smooth and they apply better with a finger than with a brush, with a brush they apply a bit patchy. They are long lasting without the color fading or creasing at all. There is no fall out with these at all. I wish they had more colors to choose from but these are a nice introduction and great colors for this holiday season. I suggest you give them a try.

See you next time!

Photo Aug 30, 6 24 26 PM

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