Pure Essence Sheet Mask Review


I hope everyone had a wonderful and a safe New Year. I had done a little haul at Vuty design when The Face Shop Princess collection had come out and I saw that Holika Holika had a new series of sheet masks out and I had loved the “Before and After” sheet mask line they had so I tossed a few in my cart without hesitation. They offered up so many different kinds.  The packaging is simple fun and bright, almost reminding me of a pop art painting. You can get them here and the are on special right now for $1.59. These masks use natural essential oils instead of artificial fragrance, use a 100% vegetable derived sheet, and have an easy open packet. Let’s see how well they did…

Rice- Smoothing & Shine

photos by vutydesign.com

Rice was the first mask out of the three I tried. I appreciated the new easy open design, but as soon as I opened this mask my nose filled with a soapy smell and the mask had bubbles all over it. I took the sheet mask out and unfolded it and it looked like it was cut jaggedly, was very delicate, and was a bit stretched out on my face. I could only keep the mask on for 12 minuted the soapy smell was too nauseating. And to my horror I had a few new white heads. The essence that was used on this mask was very thick and didn’t absorb too well on my skin and I ended up washing it off.

Lemon-Vitality & Moisture


This was the second mask that I had tried. This mask smelled much better,lightly like lemons, but still had that slight underlying scent of soap. There were also soapy looking bubbles on this mask as well. The mask fit better and was cut better. This mask did make my face look brighter and didn’t cause me any break outs. The essence on this mask as well didn’t sink into my skin as well as some other masks do. I ended up blotting the extra essence with a paper towel. I found this to be the best out of the three with both performance and smell.

Acai Berry- Nutrition & Vitality 


This as you can guess was the last mask and from the unimpressive performance of the first two I was pretty hesitant to try this one. But I didn’t want to waste it. This one as well had a bunch of soapy looking bubbles in it and thankfully the berry scent overpowered the soapy smell of the mask. I actually accidentally ripped this one while unfolding it O.O and was a bit stretched out when I put it on my face. The essence was thick on this one  as well and I wiped off quite a bit of it because it wouldn’t sink in my skin. My skin did feel a little bit softer and thank goodness this one didn’t break my skin out.

Final Thoughts: 2.5/5 All The masks had a soapy bubbles and smell, the essence didn’t absorb into my skin fully and I either had to wash off or pat off extra essence after each mask. The rice was very bad all around the other two were just ok. There are other much better sheet masks for less.

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Photo Aug 30, 6 24 26 PM


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