20 Minute Hair Miracle


Happy Saturday everyone! I am constantly putting my through stress by heat styling it and coloring it regularly. I recently had to double process it after buying the wrong hair color and it not lifting enough (what a mess that was) and I thought I would give my hair a treat by trying a hair mask. I added the Etude House Silk Scarf Damage Protein Steam Hair Mask to my shopping cart with no expectations at all. I had never used a hair mask like this before and was eager to try it out. I got it at Jolse.com for $5.93 for one piece.

The Claims: This hair mask claims to be a steam protein hair mask for damaged hair and will make your hair shiny and bouncy with its warming heat and steam function. It contains 17 proteins and 11 amino acids and no additives, mineral oils, or synthetic colorants.

photo from google

My Findings: For reference I have biracial, curly, and damaged hair. When I first opened the mask I smelled a faint rosy/ floral-ish smell that I found very pleasant. I put the mask on like a towel on my hair, pulled off the sticky tab to tighten it to my head, I massaged the mask into my hair, and I waited 20 minuted for the mask to do its work. I washed the mask out with luke warm water and I noticed the mask was very thick and really was able to coat every strand on my head. My hair immediately felt stronger and softer. I heat styled my hair. My hair has never felt so soft and silky before. It looks so healthy and feels very strong and nourished.

Final Thoughts: 5/5 This mask is like feeding your hair a protein shake! I feel like it undid all of the damage I’ve done to my hair in 20 minutes.

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Photo Aug 30, 6 24 26 PM


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