Monday Morning Cartoons


I was very excited to see that The Face Shop had decided to release a second wave of Disney BB cushions. I didn’t grab one on the initial launch and I wasn’t going to grab one for this one either, but I saw Donald Duck and his adorable blue and yellow cushion and I had to have it. I purchased it from vuty design for $25.12 and after pretty quick shipping I died from cuteness. If you do look you can purchase this cushion for cheaper elsewhere. I put this cushion up to the test for a about a week, let’s see how it did….

This cushion like the previous release comes in 3 different types with 3 different characters: long lasting (Sully), cooling (Piglet), and power perfection (Donald). Donald is molded into the front of the cushion, I love it. This is a budget friendly cushion but the case is very detailed and feels expensive. It is currently the centerpiece on my vanity :). The puff is also adorable and matching with the theme it is also a blue air cushion puff.


Claims: This is a traditional sponge cushion and does contain SPF 50+ PA+++ and is supposed to deliver an airy touch with light and thin blemish cover for glowing healthy skin. It also claims to be a plant oil cushion to deliver moisturizing skincare.

Swatched on NC30-35 skin tone 

Findings: This cushion provides a medium coverage that can be built up to full, but it feels thick and cakey on the skin. After it sets on the skin it dried down to a velvet finish. It lasted for about 4 hours before my skin really started to eat through it and settled into my fine lines and accentuate my pores. When I set it with powder it did last a tiny bit longer and looked better on my skin at the end of the day. I purchased the darkest color #23 and it was a tad bit too light but can be corrected with darker setting powder. I was happy to see the color didn’t oxidize to a gray tone at all. It did provide my skin with a glowy finish and did brighten up my face.

Final Thought: 3/5 The case is a must have for any collection. The formula is very middle of the road it isn’t terrible but it won’t knock your socks off.

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Photo Aug 30, 6 24 26 PM


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