Etude House Wonder Park Collection

Hello Everyone!

So Spring is around the corner and one of the first collections to come out is Etude House’s Wonder Park Collection. It is themed after as the name world suggest theme parks! I have many fond memories of going to many theme parks regularly in California and am a roller coaster junkie. So as soon as this very whimsical collection became available I jumped right on it. They made the collection with a little bit of everything they included nail polish and even a perfume. I got a special bundle that is on the website fight now you get 4 items for $35.29. I purchased everything from beauty box korea. It took an INCREDIBLY long time to get get to me, about a month and a half. But I have played with everything and am ready to share with you a walk through this theme park!

First up is the My Blooming Lips Talk Chiffon in OR213 Pitch Perfect They came out with 5 colors for the collection and this one is a soft florescent coral color. The packaging alone makes me smell cotton candy and hear roller coasters going off in the distance. It is creamy to apply and dries down matte. It is transfer resistant and I find very flattering. Be careful with any dry patches on your lips because it will stick to them. But overall this is a nice addition for spring. 4/5

This was my favorite item in the collection and has been my go to lip color since it came in the mail the Dear Darling Soda Tint in BL601 hey came out with 10 new shades for the collection and some were very interesting. This is a gorgeous periwinkle fuchsia duo chrome color that seems to warms up to to your body’s temperature. After I applied it, it rapidly turned from the periwinkle to a bright and beautiful fuchsia with a periwinkle tint. When the gloss wears off you are left with the beautiful tint. 5/5


Now for the Candy Cheek that was also in the special bundle. This reminds me of the rainbow highlighter that has been popular in the US a few months back. The colors and the packaging are so fun and exciting. When I tried to swatch this nothing shows up. I had to really DIG my brush into this to get just a hint of berry color to show on my cheeks and even with all that work it faded in about 2 hours. This item was a complete dud! 1/5


Last but not least is the Color Palette the back reads that these are colors around the ferris wheel. It comes in 2 different combinations one is “daytime” #01 and the other is “nighttime” #02 I got #01 with the lighter colors. I fell for the turquoise and the purple and thought they would be beautiful. Most of these shadows do not show up on my skin and they are very powdery. I tried using a white eye base and the neutral colors are so light and faint and they started to fade after about and hour and were completely creased and patchy after 3 hours. The turquoise and the purple were vibrant with the eye base actually stayed on my primed eye. The darkest color in the palette blends out to nothing. I had such high hoped for this palette and 1 or two shades being descent doesn’t come closing to saving it. 1.5/5

Final Thoughts: From this collection I would stay far away from the palette and the blush. They don’t show up and are horrible quality. I loved the Soda tint that is a must buy from me and the lipstick was nice as well. I wish Etude House put as much though and effort into some of the formulas as they did the packaging.

Thank you so much for reading! Please follow me to never miss a post and I will see you next time.

Photo Aug 30, 6 24 26 PM


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