MISSHA Misa Geumseol Tension Pact


As I have said before I get caught up in the packaging of a product and that’s what drew me out of my comfort zone for the pact. I had great success with the Missha Original Tension Pact so I thought why not give this a whirl. I purchased this pact from testerkorea and you get 17g of product for $25.77. Like the other Missha pact you do not get any refills.

About the Product/ Claims: 

  • This comes in 3 shades I purchased the darkest shade #3.
  • It has an SPF30 PA++
  • This product contains 36% of fermented ginseng water for longer hours of nondrying moisture.
  • It is supposed to fill and cover blemishes with a silky clear skin finish.
  • Yooyang bomham essence and rose water ingredient gives flawless silky firm honey glowing skin look.
  • It is a cream type foundation that has been strained twice for more delicate control.
  • Various air hole with soft fabric without absorbing content giving moisture application for glowing skin look.

This pact sounds very promising so let’s see how well it preformed…

The packaging on this pact is just gorgeous and so detailed. It feels like a compact Princess Jasmin would own. The rose netting on the inside just adds to the decadence. The cover on the cushion said to press into it a few times as the essence might have raised tot he top and that was true as you can see in the right picture. It also has an herbally/ floral scent I assume from the ginseng  that was strong and lingered on the skin for the first few uses and is apparent when you open the pact but doesn’t linger long on the skin.

The puff is the same as the Original Tension Pact and is very soft and fluffy. I tried to get the rose design to transfer, but it gets a little muddled.

The photo on the left I applied the pact to the left half of my face so you can see color match. And the photo on the right is the all over application. I was surprised by how easily this covered my blemished and discoloration. It felt light on my skin for as full of coverage you can get with it. That being said it will crease in your under eye area and fine lines without being set. Ones the formula sets on the skin it did smooth out my pores and gave me a glowy and radiant finish. After about 2 hours the oil on my face started to really eat away at the pact and I looked a bit greasy, my chin also looked cakey. So I did have to reapply and then just for good measure I did a light dusting of powder. After that my make up did last for quite a bit longer, 4 hours before I felt like my face was getting oily again. I did also try this out with my BB Boosting primer and powdered my whole face and it lasted about 5 hours before I had to repowder.

Final Thought: 3.9/5 I wish the formula lasted longer on my skin, but it did a nice job of making my skin look poreless while it was there. If you have dry skin this would be amazing for you. But the oil on my face just ate through it without priming and powder. I will use this with powder until it is gone but I won’t be repurchasing it.

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3 thoughts on “MISSHA Misa Geumseol Tension Pact

  1. That is one gorgeous pact! But it is somehow a bit of a letdown to know that it doesn’t perform very well. Nonetheless, I might still get this just because of the lovely packaging. Great review, btw. 💕


    1. Thank you! I know I was a bit bummed too. I’m hoping I can find a different cushion that fits in the case when it’s done.


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