February 2017 BomiBox

Hey everyone! Its that special time again where all my subscription boxes start to make their way to my mail box ❤ I finally got my February Bomibox a few days ago and have been playing with the items inside and wanted to share this month’s box with you and give my first impressions.

 Just a little bit about Bomibox:

  • It is a monthly subscription that has 3 separate levels I subscribe monthly for $37/ month but they also have $36/month for 3 months and $35/month for 6 months.
  • You get 8 deluxe sample of full sized items every month.
  • You can cancel or skip any month.

Let’s get to the goods:

Photo Mar 06, 11 18 05 AM

So the theme of this box is  “The secret: keep going #BLESSED” and on the back of the card has all the info about the products with english instructions.


  • Purpletale 5 Step to Lovely Skin Complete Facial Solution: I got this in another sub almost a year ago and really enjoyed having everything all in one to take with me on the go or really pamper my skin on a night in. It has a cleanser, ampoule, sheet mask, face, and a neck cream. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and feeling nourished.
  • Skinfood Peach Sake Toner: When I first started to get into kbeauty this was everyone’s all time favorite and I had never given it a try. This is my favorite item out of the whole box! It is a toner that has vitamins A & C and has anti aging benefits and my skin just drinks it right up. I went ahead and bought the emulsion from the same line as well. My pores look smaller and my acne is held under control. This was a gem I completely slept on.
  • Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack: This is a pack that you leave on for 2-3 mins. It is supposed to even out skin tone and boost your skin’s radiance with star ingredients: niacinamide and  hyaluronic acid. I tried this out on my hand and it did lighten, but it seemed to leave a film on the skin. I might re home this product to one of my friends.
  • Labiotte Mini Wine Lip Tint: This is another item that has been very popular. There were 3 shades that you could have received. I got a cherry red that is very beautiful on the lips and long lasting. The sample looks like a Barbie sized wine bottle. The formula reminded me of the Peripera Vivid Tint.


  • Missha Time Revolution Travel Kit: This is another popular duo, I’m sad they are only sample sizes. You get the first treatment essence and the night repair science ampoule after essence for night. I have high hopes to integrate these into my routine. They both contain fermented ingredients to repair and give younger looking skin.
  • Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment: This is supposed to heal cracks and give smooth lips, but I notice no difference with this. It also doesn’t taste the best.
  • PAPA Recipe Bombee Honey Mask: This was the first item I used out of the box and it smells like delicious honey! It made my skin look like I had just had a full night’s rest. I’m convinced this sheet mask is made of magic.
  • Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Brightening Mask: I really enjoyed this mask as well. It held it’s moisture well and brightened up my complexion. I had never heard of this brand before but I really enjoyed this mask.
  • Polatam Deep Moist Cream: This is a moisturizing cream that contains oak sap. It is very moisturizing without feeling too heavy of breaking out my skin.


Final Thoughts: To be honest I felt a bit underwhelmed by this box compared to previous boxes. A bulk of the items were tiny samples and for how expensive the box is I don’t really feel was worth the $37. The good out of this month’s box was I found a great toner and a mask my skin just adores. I’m hoping next month is better.


Thank you so much for reading and please follow me to never miss a post!


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