Photoshop in a tube!


Ever since the start of instagram there have been products out there that try and give that flawless and filtered look on your skin. Most of these products are just a gimmick and don’t deliver a filtered face. I saw this TONYMOLY Selfie Shot Tone Up Base and I’ve been playing with different bases with different foundations and thought this would be the perfect addition. I bought this product from and you get 30g of product for $6.55. Let’s dive in…

Photo Mar 18, 1 00 54 PM

Product Claims: 

  • Brightens up your skin as if calibrated with a selfie application.
  • Corrects skin discoloration.
  • Contains ‘bloom powder’ that selectively reflects incident light, instantly brightens and covers skin imperfections, and provides a transparent, natural shine.
  • It comes in two types: white and pink. The pink version contains SPF 30++

I bought the pink version of the product I was afraid the white would look too artificial on my skin. The product is a very white pink color almost like tinted sunscreen. It does smell very faintly of baby powder and has the slightest sheen of iridescence that fades when the product absorbs into the skin. It is very light and not sticky at all. It does slightly brighten up the skin and it blurs my pores like nothing I have ever tried before. Everything layers over this beautifully as well! It keeps things from creasing/ settling into my fine lines and expression lines. It also doesn’t break my skin out and help  keeps it from looking like an oily mess!

Photo Mar 18, 1 20 32 PM
Here is the selfie I took with the product!

Final Thoughts: 5/5 This product does everything it claims. It brightens, and it blurs my fine lines and my pores. Everything I have layered onto it meshes well with the product. If you are in the market for a new primer you should give this one a try.

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