My Morning Cup


The seasons are changing, my allergies are in full swing, and my skin has been feeling tired and worn out. I’ve been feeling like no matter how much sleep I’ve been getting my face has been looking a little puffy. My face feels like it needs a good tall cup of black coffee to reenergize itself. I stumbled upon this HIDDENcos Americano Mask that I purchased from RoseRoseShop for $0.91 per mask. They do offer a Latte version of the mask as well that I am interested in trying.

This mask claims add life and nutrition to tired and lethargic skin and its star ingredient is Arabica coffee from Columbia. This mask really sounds like just the pick me up my skin was craving.

Photo Apr 12, 11 48 38 AM

Now to the product


The packaging on this product is shaped like a to go cup of coffee. I love when every aspect of a product is fitting to its theme. This product is VERY FRAGRANT of you guessed it coffee. The serum on the mask is a brownish color and the fit of the mask was ok and it held well for the 20 mins I left it on. After I took of the mask my skin did look more awake and more alive. The mask de-puffed my under eye area and it did leave my skin smelling like coffee for some time.

Final Thoughts: 3.7/5 I enjoyed this mask it made my skin look more awake like it had just drank a strong cup of coffee. It does smell very strongly of coffee and leaves the scent long after the mask is taken off. I liked the product enough to repurchase it again and try the latte version.

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