April Favorites 2017


April is already over and the weather has just started to FINALLY feel like spring. I had a lot of items that I tried out this month and I’m thinking about adding a “didn’t work for me” every month. Here were my very top for this month.

Photo May 01, 4 16 45 PM

Cellpium Vampire Clearing Mask: I got a sample of some sort of moisturizer from Cellpium and I was hooked on it IMMEDIATELY. It gave me real next morning results but to my dismay I’m not able to find it anymore. Or really anything from this brand except these masks. I love using these when my skin is just feeling gross or if I’m having an extra oily day. These masks foam up and give my skin a deep cleaning while not leaving my skin with that stripped “squeaky clean’ feeling.

The Face Shop Moist Olive & Collagen Hair Essence: I feel like I’ve struck gold with this essence. It coms in handy when my ends are feeling dry and it breaths new life into my hair. Its light and doesn’t leave any build up or residue in my hair. It also doesn’t make my straightened hair curl up when applied.

Innisfree Ultrafine Browcara in Honey Brown: The formula is long lasting and the spoolie is just the perfect size (extra thin) to coat my brow hairs and set everything perfectly in place for the day.

A’pieu “All that Lash” False lashes #11 +#2: These lashes are the perfect every day lash. They are comfortable to wear and I was very surprised with the quality of the lashes. I wore one pair daily for 2.5 weeks and they didn’t disintegrate on me. They still have more life in them.  (Below Photos via google)

Wet & Wild Lilac to Reality Highlighter: I haven’t really purchased anything from wet & wild in a few years and I was struck by this highlighter. The color is actually really wearable, but you can build it up to a crazy lilac intensity. The texture is smooth and buttery and I dust it across my face when I want to feel special.

image via us.mavi.com


Denimology.com: This website that I frequent has been doing a year long denim give away event and I was one of April 2017’s winners! I won a free pair of Mavi jeans. I picked the Alexa Skinny in Double Black Gold Reform. They fit like an absolute dream and feel like I’m wearing PJs they are so comfortable.


Roundtable of Gentlemen Podcast: I have been burning through back episodes of this podcast and it has been replacing tv for me. They talk about news stories and add their own adult comedic spin on everything. I have laughed out loud and looked like a crazy person while listening to them i public multiple times. You would think I learned my lesson but they are just too funny to stop.

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