Quick and Efficient Brush Cleaner


Hello everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the weather warming up and Spring coming into full motion. I was in search for the perfect on the go brush cleaner because I got the privilege to do some prom make up this season. Something I could use in between washings to sanitize my brushes.

File May 17, 3 22 19 PM

A’pieu No Dirty Brush Cleansing Mist: You get 80ml for $4.51 and I purchased mine here. It contains Hypoallergenic ingredients: Peppermint, Loofah and Centella Asiatica extracts. They also have a solid version of the formula available as well.

Before & After

  This product smells amazing, the peppermint is very apparent. I spritz a little on my brush and waited a few seconds and swirled my brush in a towel and it came out sparkling clean. And it is dry and ready to use again.

Final Thoughts: 5/5 This product smells very nice and is very easy to use. It gets my brushes very clean, leaving them soft and ready to use. And best of all it is under $5!

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