Stamp on Lips


Hello everyone! There is something that you should all know about me and that is that I fall hard for cute packaging. I saw some people trying out the stamping eyebrow, and while perusing for some lipstick shaped like animals (haha) I saw the stamp on lip and it immediately made its way into my shopping cart. I purchased this product from kollectionk for $9.62.

Photo May 23, 1 39 39 PM

THE FACE SHOP, LOVELY ME:EX LOVE MARK TINT in #3 Sweet Kiss Orange: This is a stamp tint product that delivers its color through a heart shaped stamp. there are 3 colors to choose from (an orange, red, and a pink). Packaging looks like a giant old fashioned stamp and the handle comes off to reveal the lip sponge and the tint color is in the bottom. Some star ingredients are Mango Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Coconut Oil. You are supposed to tap it into the center of the lips to give an ease gradient effect.

File May 23, 2 45 41 PM

The sponge is very soft to the touch and the tint feels very creamy and gel like in the pan. It has the lightest scent of candy and no real taste to it. It came off as a creamsicle color and it feels very velvety on the lips like I’m wearing a lip balm. I was able to build it up easily to an intense orange. It does fit nicely in the center of my lips and did give a really effortless gradient. It takes a while to set completely, almost 30 mins, and it will still transfer a little bit. The wear time on it was about 1-3 hours.

Final Thoughts: 2.5/5 The formula is nice on my lips and feels like a balm. The packaging is cute but clunky to have in my bag for touch ups. I wish it lasted longer for being a tint.

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