Peripera Perikki Collection

안녕하세요 Every brand seem to be bringing out their A game for summer collections this year. The Peripera collection takes me back to being on the beach of Hawaii and I am absolutely loving it. The brought out a collection with new florescent colors for summer, an eyeshadow palette, fun cushions, and new mascara colors. … Continue reading Peripera Perikki Collection


3CE Love Collection

안녕하세요 ♥ I am BEYOND excited to share this 3CE Love Collection! It reminds me of my polly pocket compacts from the early 90's! I had such a problem trying to limit myself because I literally wanted EVERYTHING! This line includes a cushion, eyeshadow duos, blushes, lipsticks, and mirrors. I purchased a few blushes, a … Continue reading 3CE Love Collection