3CE Love Collection


photo from stylenanda

I am BEYOND excited to share this 3CE Love Collection! It reminds me of my polly pocket compacts from the early 90’s! I had such a problem trying to limit myself because I literally wanted EVERYTHING! This line includes a cushion, eyeshadow duos, blushes, lipsticks, and mirrors. I purchased a few blushes, a lipstick, and a mirror. They were purchased from testerkorea. Let’s jump right into the collection!

Cheekmaker in #under the stars and #orangish: These retail for $17.57 and you get 3.2g of product. There a 6 shades including a shading/bronzer shade. They are a bit pricy for the amount of product that you get. The color are very beautiful in person. The #orangish is a beautiful orange creamsicle color with very fine gold glitter. #under the stars is a warm pink with very fine gold glitter. From looking online I wasn’t aware that either of these contained glitter and was a bit shocked when I opened them up. Thankfully the glitter isn’t very detectable when worn on the face, unless you get up close and personal. These are both very build able and blend effortlessly into the skin. They have no detectable scent to them. The are pricey but they both were still on my cheeks when I took my makeup off at the end of the night and they didn’t emphasize any of the texture on my cheeks.

Photo Jun 20, 10 28 19 AM
left to right: #orangish, #under the stars. Quarter for scale.

Velvet Lipstick in #sugarcane: These are $18.50 for 3.5g of product and come in 6 shades as well as 6 glossy shades as well. With the velvet lipsticks I had to make sure my lips were exfoliated and moisturized before I applied because like most matte formulas they will emphasize any dry patches. This is comfortable to wear on my lips and transfer resistant once it quickly sets. This is a long lasting formula I feel like when I checked on it throughout my day it was magically still there. But that has been my findings with other 3CE lipsticks. The color is a lovely deep pink coral shade that brightened up my face with the #under the stars blush.

Photo Jun 20, 10 31 01 AM
Left to Right: #sugarcane, #orangish, #under the stars swatched on NC30 skin

Here below are all the other options that are offered for the lips and cheeks.

photo from testerkorea
photo from testerkorea

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