Peripera Perikki Collection


Every brand seem to be bringing out their A game for summer collections this year. The Peripera collection takes me back to being on the beach of Hawaii and I am absolutely loving it. The brought out a collection with new florescent colors for summer, an eyeshadow palette, fun cushions, and new mascara colors. I purchased the new lip tint colors and the palette and I got them from beauty box korea there was a problem when I went to order the cushion so that hasn’t arrived yet, but I purchased that from tester korea and will be reviewed at a later date. There is also a side note/ mini review on the new Etude House Lip Tints at the end. Lets jump into the collection…

Ink The Airy Velvet 8ml in Neon Pink and Neon Orange: These retail for $10.59 and they came out with 4 shades and two were special for the Perikki collection. These also came with a mystery topper and I ended up getting the same ones :C but they are cute none the less. The formula on these are creamy and like a whipped mousse. They are comfortable and non drying on the lips. They are SURPRISINGLY wearable and perfect summer shades. The lasting power in the airy velvets isn’t as long as other Peripera lip products and the have a STRONG floral perfume scent and taste. But the formula on these glides over any dry patches and smoothes out my lips. These two colors also glow under black light!

The lipstick looks patchy because I applied it without a mirror. And the swatches are from left to right: Beauty Peak Rose, Neon Orange, and Neon Pink. 

Photo Jun 22, 4 36 46 PM

Ink the Velvet in Beauty Peak Rose: These are priced the same as the Airy velvets at $10.59 for 8ml of product. The ink velvets are MY FAVORITE hands down lip product. They are buttery and smooth on the lips. They taste and smell like gummy candy. Every color I have purchased has been the perfect complimentary nudish pink color. They came out with 3 colors for the Perikki collection and these come with a different set of super cute mystery topper.

Ink Fitting Eyes Palette Perikki Collection: This is priced at $13.77 for 1.4g x 4 of product. The stand out shade is the coral “Aloha” that also doubles as a blush. These colors are build able and don’t fade throughout the day. You get two matte shades and two shimmer/metallic shades. My only gripe with this palette is the top two shades “Sand Castle” and “Honey Coconut” are SO SIMILAR in the pan and “Honey Coconut” is almost nonexistent on the lid. All the shadows do feel very smooth and are blend able on the eye. I wish they would bring “Aloha” to their line of single shadows.

Final Thoughts: I love the lip products from this line. The Airy Velvets 3.5/5 are very interesting colors and something I haven’t seen before with a neon lip product. The only downside is the perfume scent and taste. The Ink Velvets 5/5 are just an all around amazing lip product. They smell and taste like candy and the colors are very flattering. The Ink Fitting Eyes Palette 2/5 the coral “Aloha” shade is the star shade the other colors you probably already have in your collection and two of the shades are so similar and one of those shades is a dud.

On a side note: 

Photo Jun 23, 3 23 50 PM

These Etude House Dear Darling Tints!!! I got shades PK006 Jewel Red and PK004 Red Bean Red they are $4.66 a piece for 4.5g of product. The come in 6 shades and I grabbed two more after these came in the mail. Your lip collection NEEDS these. They smell like grape candy and they are moisturizing on the lips. You can get them HERE!

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