The Face Shop x Marvel Collection


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Hello Everyone! I had a little update on my site and I got a new graphic using where you can get logos, theme songs, things of that nature starting at $5. But I am very excited to bring you guys a review on The Face Shop x Marvel collection. I love myself a good collaboration! This collection offers a little bit of everything from nails, lips, and face makeup. All of my items were purchased from beauty box korea. Let’s jump into the collection.

Photo Jul 19, 11 28 54 AM

Mono Pop Eyes Palette in #02 Strong Red 6.8g $18.64: There were two options to choose from with this palette, Captain America (cool toned blue palette) or Iron Man (Warm toned red palette) and you get 9 shades in each palette. The outside of the palette looks like it’s supposed to simulate metal and has the Marvel logo in the middle. All the small details were thought about in this palette. The colors are metallic and glittery with one matte shade in the palette.  I absolutely love the protective sheet is a cartoon corresponding to the palette’s superhero! The shadows are very creamy and blend like a dream. You can build up the colors to desired intensity. All of the colors except for the red in the middle are very wearable for day time. The colors stay vibrant and do not crease throughout the day.


Photo Jul 19, 11 30 15 AM
swatched on NC30 in natural lighting


Photo Jul 19, 11 45 58 AM

2 in 1 Curling Mascara in #04 Spiderman Blue 8.5g $13.98: This mascara comes in 4 different colors that correspond with a Marvel hero(Black, Golden Brown, Blue and Red). I thought it would be nice to switch it up and get the Spiderman Blue color which is an EXACT match to the blue in his costume. The larger brush coats my lashes evenly and the bristles help separate and really lengthen my lashes. The tiny brush is PERFECT for getting all my tiny bottom lashes and not getting blue mascara everywhere. This is a very wearable blue as crazy as that sounds. The formula is supposed to provide 24 hour curl and I think it does a nice job of holding my lashes in place and not smearing or smudging throughout the day. After trying this out I went back and purchased the Black Widow version.

Photo Jul 19, 11 34 32 AM

Matt Touch Lipstick in PK04 Hyper Pink 3.5g $11.18: I love the packaging on these and the texture of the lipstick tube that is the same throughout the whole collection. There are 5 shades of the matt lipstick offered and in the tube the product looks like a velvet and vibrant magenta color. The formula sets on the lips almost immediately and is transfer resistant. It is very long lasting like a liquid lipstick. I was eating pretty greasy food and by the end of my meal I still had lipstick on. The formula is very forgiving of my dry patches and covers any imperfections in my lips. There is a floral/ rosey scent to this lipstick. The color isn’t patchy it feel very creamy when being applied to the lips. I hope they expand this formula and add more colors I love this.

Photo Jul 19, 11 34 00 AM

Metal Lip Color in #03 Ultra Coral 3.5g $12.12: This is a very interesting product from the line the lip applicator is metal and you twist up to get product. This is offered in three colors (red, pink, and coral). This product is very thick and glossy. It has a tiny bit of sparkle and does contain aragon oil in it as well. The glossy part wears off fairly quickly and there is a light stain left on the lips. The formula feels thick like it is very noticeable I am wearing a gloss and it is a bit sticky as expected. The color is very nice it is a reddish coral. The metal tip gets covered in product after each use and has to be cleaned off with a tissue and it is hard to spread product evenly on the lips. This is my least favorite item in the collection.

Photo Jul 19, 11 38 31 AM
PK04 Hyper Pink left, #03 Ultra Coral right on NC30 skin
Photo Jul 17, 2 49 59 PM
Everything in action, PK04 lip in artificial lighting

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed this collaboration it really felt thought out and the quality of these items is there. My favorite items were the Matt Touch Lipstick and the Mono Pop Eyes Palette. They would be great additions to anyone collection. The colors are pigmented and long lasting formulas. The item you can pass on is the Metal lip color it is just too gimicky and too much of a hassle for not a long lasting product.

Thank you so much for reading and please follow me to never miss a post.



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