Random Makeup Brushes Off Amazon


Hello everyone! I was down an amazon rabbit whole recently and saw these brushes suggested to me at only $9.99! The handles looked so unique and they seemed to be getting pretty good reviews and the handles, they are just so pretty, so I snagged them and tested them out.

Photo Jul 26, 3 08 50 PM

This 5 piece set is from the brand Becoyou and are synthetic nylon hair brushes. They have a few other sets with different color rhinestones in the handle. They look so beautiful compared to my other brushes and fancy up my bush holder. This set includes the following :

Powder Brush: 17cm/ 6.69inches.

Socket Brush: 15.2cm/ 5.98inches.

Eyeshadow Brush: 15cm/ 5.91inches.

Blending Brush: 15cm/ 5.91inches.

Eyebrow Brush: 14.7cm/ 5.79inches.

Photo Jul 31, 3 37 51 PM

The bristles are very soft and densely packed on the smaller detail brushes. These brushes are supposed to be able to be used with either creams or powders and while the smaller eye brushes do an ok job with powder products. The only brush I didn’t really like for powders was the blender, it was a bit too stiff but worked well as a detailer or to pack on color. The more rounded eyeshadow brush worked well for cream products and carving out a crease for a cut crease, but not the best for powders. The “brow brush” was great at applying cream eyeliner. The bigger powder brush does do a nice job with applying my face powder. I think this would be a nice brush set in a pinch or if you were more of a beginner.

Final Thoughts: 3/5 Some of the smaller detailer brushes were better for cream products just due to the stiffness of the bristles. I enjoy the powder brush and the aesthetic of the brushes. These would be a nice set for a beginner or if you were in a pinch.

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