Innisfree Smart Drawing Line Review


Hello everyone! Sorry about the late post this week. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! I saw when this line first came out and was intrigued by the darker foundation shades that they were offering and that the formula was in a tube with brush application. I have tried concealers with a brush applicator before and enjoyed them so I thought I would try this line out as well. Let’s see how well the line preformed.

Photo Aug 13, 12 59 28 PM

About the Line: Each tube is 12ml of product and is priced at $7.98 and I purchased everything from These tubes are about as long as my hand an they all have a brush tip applicator and you squeeze the tube to dispense product. All products contain mineral powder and Juju green tea which is very evident in the smell of the products. I just use the brush tip to place the product and then use my beauty sponge to blend everything together with. These items mesh seamlessly together.

Drawing Blusher in #02 Cherry Pink: The blush comes in 3 shades a lighter pink (Daisy Pink), a darker pink (Cherry Pink), and a peachy shade (Peach Coral) all the colors looked wonderful but I wanted to get something that would be visible on my checks and branch out of my coral ways. The blush claims “to gift vitality to the cheeks with the vivid colors.The satin finish maintains the make-ups bright and smooth for a long time.” The color is a muted pepto pink color that is so soft and blend able on the skin. I put a little on my cheeks and then blend out with my beauty sponge. It is easy to build up intensity. It is a long lasting formula that survived 6 hours without fading on my cheeks.

Drawing Contouring in #02 Cinnamon & #02 Mocha: This comes in 3 shades and I grabbed the 2 darkest with #01 Almond being the lightest shade they offer. I was curious about how dark these were and if the foundation was going to be too light I could maybe mix these in to adjust the tone, or just use #02 just as a foundation. These claim to “Expresses the face with volume by naturally shading the outlines. The satin finish maintains the make-ups bright and smooth for a long time.” These sadly on my blend out to nothing in terms of shading they aren’t dark enough for me to really contour with. But they are nice to adjust the foundation shade a bit to get a better match. These do have a smooth texture and a gray base. I wish they would make one a bit darker because I think it would be the PERFECT shade to define with.

Drawing Color Correcting in #01 Apricot Peach: These come in the 4 basic color correcting shades #01 Apricot Peach, #02 Vanilla Green, #03 Cream Purple, and #04 Lemon Yellow. I have terrible dark circles so I always opt for the peachy tone. This item has an SPF26 PA++ which is nice to protect my delicate under eye area. These products claim “The color correcting solution completes the skin tone evenly. The satin finish maintains the make-ups bright and smooth for a long time.” It is a smooth and blend able product but it didn’t really do much for my dark circles in terms of correcting them. It sheered out a bit too much to camouflage them.

Drawing Foundation in #06 Sand: This foundation is offered in 6 shades and I opted for the darkest. The foundation claims “The cover concealer formula smoothly covers the dull skin troubles. The satin finish maintains the make-ups bright and smooth for a long time.” This was the only variation of the product that I thought didn’t fit the brush applicator very well and you get less than half of a normal foundation (1 FL OZ). I feel like I use too much spreading it on my face and end up putting a bit on my hand and dotting on my face instead. I also feel it is a harder to clean applicator and would collect germs quickly. This foundation can be built up to medium/ almost full medium coverage. Think your skin but better I could still see some acne scaring peeking through and had to go in with a concealer to hide my bags. But finish on this was lovely and it didn’t emphasize any facial texture or pores. My skin LOVED this (I suspect because of the green tea) and my oily skin was kept at bay during the day. I do lightly set the foundation because it will settle into my fine lines. The color does oxidize about a half shade which matches me better. The wear time on this foundation is pretty average about 5 hours till my oily skin starts to break thought, but the nice thing about this foundation is I look glowy and radiant when this happens and not like a hot mess.

Drawing Strobing in #02 Light Peach: The strobing formula comes in 2 shades a light pink and a light peach. The claims for this highlight are “The mysteriously shining pearl base gifts the skin a gentle glow. The satin finish maintains the make-ups bright and smooth for a long time.” This is a pretty shimmery more lit from within highlight. It adds radiance more than a blinding highlight and looks delicate. I enjoy it because it doesn’t emphasize any texture on my skin. It also contains a SPF 25 PA++. 

Photo Aug 13, 1 02 45 PM

Swatches left to right on NC 30 Skin: Blusher #02, Contour #03, Color Corrector #03, Foundation #06, Contour #02, Strobing #02.

Final Thoughts: 3.8/5 The formula for this range is spot on and is long lasting. My favorites from the range were the blush and the foundation. I don’t think the application for the foundation is not very practical unless you’re using it on the go and the amount you get is less than half of a standard foundation. The least favorites were the corrector (it didn’t do much) and the contour shades (they weren’t dark enough to really show once blended).

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