Bye-Bye to Sagging Pores Mask Review


Hello everyone I hope you are having a nice Wednesday. I came home from work the other day and my skin needed a bit of TLC. I had some pimples coming to a head and my pores were feeling a bit clogged so I decided to try my Beyond the God of Patch Bye-Bye to Sagging Pores Mask. I haven’t tried very much (if anything) from Beyond so I am excited and have high hopes for this product. I purchased this mask from but it is currently sold out. You can either purchase from skinmilkbar for $3 on sale or also on ebay for about the same price. Let’s jump into the review.

File Aug 23, 11 11 26 AM

How could I pass up this mask?! The little character reminded me of my dog with her giant ears! This mask claims to “pore-contracting mask sheet ideal for treating loose sagging pores and excessive sebum. Containing bean sprout extract rich in vitamins and nutrients and apple extract, an effective solution to dead skin cells and loose pores,this remarkable mask transforms dry ,tired skin into affirm ,smooth perfection.” It has star ingredients of apple and bean sprout extract. It has a light fresh scent and the mask is drenched in a milky essence.

The fit of the mask was a little bit big, but I was able to get the mask situated comfortably on my face and left it on for 20 mins. I noticed the freshly picked places on my faces felt very tingly with the mask on. When I took the mask off it had really purged my pores. It brought my budding breakouts to a head and I didn’t think my skin was really looking that great after the mask. Cut to waking up in the morning and my skin felt tighter and those freshly picked spots were healing. My pores really looked smaller than the day before.

Final Thoughts: 4/5 This is a great mask took a turn for me, after use your skin doesn’t look its best because your pores are purging. Next morning your skin looks rejuvenated and the problem spots the day before were much calmer if not gone. The packaging is also insanely cute as well.

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