Dr. Jart Shake & Shot Review


Hello everyone! I hope the three day weekend was relaxing and I am very excited that we’re in September. I was cruising through testerkorea’s website and I found this interesting looking mask from Dr. Jart. I have in the past tried some items from the brand through my beauty subscription boxes and I’ve had hits and misses with the brand. I purchased this mask from here for $6.74 and you get 50g of product.

Photo Aug 31, 9 40 19 AM

The packaging takes the name very literally with the top a 3-D version of the face that is on their other sheet type masks. Included inside is a spatula and two packets that you mix together in the cup by shaking them.

Photo Aug 31, 9 41 44 AM

This mask comes in four versions (Hydro, Soothing, Luminous, and Elastic) I have the soothing version and this mask claims to “remove dead skin cells and improve overall skin clarity and radiance before your skin routine.” And “sooth and help repair sensitive skin.” My skin can always go for some soothing and radiance. I opened up both the packets and poured them in. I only had to shake my concoction 3 times before it solidified into a light mint gelatinous goo.

Photo Aug 31, 9 47 38 AM

The mask has a light aloe scent that is very refreshing. I slathered this all over my skin and waited for it to harden. It was so hard to get it close to even on my skin. I had to wait with my head tiled back because the mask kept dripping off my chin. I ended up leaving this on my face for about 25 mins the mask still felt moist and delicate when I pulled it off unlike other modeling masks I’ve used in the past. After removal my skin felt just kinda wet. It was a tiny bit softer but there are better products out there for less.

Final Thoughts: 2.5/5 This product was pretty meh. There are other masks that preform better for a cheaper price tag. This is a pass.

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