Makeup Monday: The Saem Mickey Mouse Palette


Hello everyone! I’m trying out something new because I want to bring reviews out more than once a week and have them be more rounded with a better balance of skincare and makeup items. I LOVE a collaboration especially one that is Disney so I ordered a few item from this Mickey and Minnie based collab with the Saem. I really enjoy products from the Saem and feel like they are an underrated brand that doesn’t get talked about as often. I purchased this palette from testerkorea and it was $14.18.

The saem Mickey front

This feels like a mini palette perfect for traveling or you can throw it in your bag or even a pocket for touch ups if need be. I enjoy the graphic printed on the palette because it reminds me of cell animations or a character study. It is made of plastic but does have a nice weight to it.

The saem Mickey inside

The palette contains 6 shades 3 shimmer shades and 3 matte shades all are warm toned neutrals. Each pan is 1.1g of product. From left to right the shades are SPK01, MPK01, MRD01, SRD01, MRD02, and SBR01. These colors are great for soft every day looks and can be built up to more dramatic smokey eyes. When I first finger swatched these (they feel so buttery and soft)  I was kind of unimpressed with the lighter three shades as they didn’t show up much on my skin. When applied with a brush on the eye they are actually quite pigmented to my surprise. The shadows kick up a tiny bit of powder with the brush, which is to be expected, but didn’t cause any fallout when applied. The darker three shades were very pigmented going in with a light hand at first. The shadows blend really seamlessly into each other. It also wore very nicely throughout the day without any creasing and minimal fading.

The saem Mickey swatches

Final Thoughts: 4.5/5 This palette is a must buy if you need a nice warm neutral palette or your just love all things Disney. The colors are wearable, soft, and blend like a dream. This is also a great travel item as well.

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