Skincare Sunday: Natural Daily Original Coffee Mask Review


I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! The weather is cooling down and its my absolute favorite time of the year. If you’re like me you want ti get your morning cup of coffee any way you can. I have previously reviewed a coffee sheet mask and saw this scrub/ mask that has coffee grounds in it and I was very intrigued. I purchased this mask from testerkorea and you get a large 100g tub for $8.51. Another product from the SAEM so I went into this product having very high hopes. Let’s jump into the review.

There saem coffee mask

The claims on this mask are:Daily mask pack absorbs sebum and takes care of pore problems, restoring rough skin into smooth and clear, has deep and delicate fragrance of coffee. Contains real coffee powder and coffee extract enriched with caffeine, chlorogenic acid, niacin, potassium that help maintain healthy and smooth skin, help to sooth pores and calm skin. Contains more than 20% of moisturizing ingredients that restore moisture in dry skin, at the same time the pack provides keratin care and keeps pores clean. Right off the bat you can smell the coffee grounds in the mask. The mask looks like fine oreo crumbles in chocolate pudding. I rubbed the mask on my face and let it sit for 10 mins (as the instructions said) and then I rubbed the areas where I normally get acne and black heads. The mask doesn’t dry at all after the 10 mins which made massing it around my problem areas easy and painless.  The scrub felt gentle on my skin and it was very easy to wash off my face. Upon removing the mask my skin looked livelier and any puffiness I had (I used the mask after loooong days at work). My skin also felt softer and I’ve noticed less black heads on my cheek area.

Coffee mask swatch
swatch of the mask/ scrub

Coffee mask ingredients
Ingredients list

Final Thoughts: 5/5 I really enjoyed everything about this mask. It was gentle on my skin and I saw improvements in the skin in 2.5 weeks of use. It helped unclog my pores and left my skin soft and supple. And it is a budget friendly item. I will be repurchasing this after I run out.

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