Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask (We Bare Bears Addition)


Hello everyone! Its another Sunday so that means it’s time to relax with some skincare. This is a collab I was excited to see because not only is the cartoon a very cute one, but I have a love for polar bears. If you are not familiar with the cartoon it airs on Cartoon Network and is about three bear brothers (a panda, grizzly, and polar bear) trying to find their way in San Francisco.  The show partnered with Missha and brought out a limited release of 3 sheet masks and 3 hand lotions. I wasn’t so much interested in the hand lotion (I have so many to work through) the skeet masks on the other hand were too adorable to pass up. They also came out with an adorable Ice Bear makeup bag I swiped as well.

WBB all

Here are all three of the masks! I love the way each charter is drawn. It really expresses each of their personalities. I am reviewing the very left mask which is “Hydrating care” there is also Grizzly (Moisturizing Care) and Panda (Firming Care). I purchased these masks from testerkorea and they were $1.33 a piece. This mask claims to be a “Highly adhesive sheet mask with strong brew of green tea ingredients to help prevent skin dryness, making skin moisturized.” taken off the back of the packaging. The mask is thin and reminded me of the Etude House Airy Sheet Masks. It fit really well onto my face and the mask was drenched with a thick essence and bubbled up a bit when I unwrapped it. It had the lightest smell of green tea and felt soothing when I placed it on my skin. I got a cooling sensation as I wore it. After the 20 mins I saw some trouble spots erupt, although my skin did feel hydrated. It also looked very plump and my forehead like was non existent. Then the next morning I was greeted with some breakouts that I am still almost a week later trying to get under control. I wanted to like you so much because you were so cute! Sigh….

WBB back

Final Thoughts 2/5: The packaging is almost too cute to open and the mask adheres well to my ace almost like a second skin. Even though the mask did make my face plump with moisture it caused my skin to break out. This just didn’t work for me.

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