Holiday Glitter Party! Part 1


Peripera Pearly Night
photo from beautyboxkorea

I’m sorry I took a small hiatus things got a bit crazy in my life. I took a second job that only lasted for two days before I quit, my boyfriend had some scary eye related problems, and I had some car trouble. But everything as I know it is back on track in my life. So a belated Happy Halloween and 11/11! We are now headed into the holiday season which mean *drumroll* holiday collections are dropping left and right. I was sad to see there weren’t as many Halloween themed collections, but so far every brand seems to be going all out for Christmas. The first part of this disco party is from Peripera and it is the Pearly Nights Collection. They have a little bit of everything in this collection I grabbed the liquid eyeshadow, the highlighter, and the lip tint and *spoiler alert* I want to go back and grab some more!

Pearly nights shadow and box

Liquid Glitter Shadow in #01 Pink Melody 4.6g $8.46: What sparked my interest in this product was that it looked like it could be a dupe for the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter Shadow. This product comes in 5 shades ranging from golds and bronzy shades to this beautiful icy pink. It has a doe foot applicator and the product goes on smoothly to the eye with very little to no glitter fall out. The product does take a second to dry but after that there isn’t any cracking or creasing. The product didn’t fade or lose any of its impact throughout the day. The product did surprise me with it’s level of pigmentation and it is very metallic and glittery and you can layer it up for more opacity.  This shadow makes quite a statement! I would say this is probably the best dupe for the Stila Glitter Shadow that I have encountered so far. I hope they make more colors in this formula.

Pearly nights eyeshadow

Pearly nights highlighter and box

Ink Highlighter in #2 Pink Champagne Beam 8g $8.58: The formula comes in a two colors cool toned Lavendar Space Beam and a warm toned Pink Champagne Beam. I gasped when I pulled this out of the box. It is a peach duo chrome bottle and it matches the color in the bottle. It has a doe foot applicator and the formula glides on smoothly. The color is a metallic peach and when blended out you can see a fine gold glitter. It has a very soft powdery floral scent that I didn’t notice when applied on my face at all. The product did take a little bit of work to blend out and isn’t a blinding highlight it is more subtle with reflects of glitter when its blended out. I am intrigued and want the lavender color as well.

Pearly nights highlighter swatch

Pearly nights lip tint and box

Ink the Velvet in #2 So Grapefruit 8ml $9.32: They repackaged 4 colors from their other lip tint lines with an absolutely adorable winter wonderland snow globe topper. I wish they would have introduced some new colors but it gave me a chance to step outside my comfort zone. I went for a Christmas red because I already have the color I would wear daily and I thought red would be more fitting for the season. It is a flattering warm red. It is a mystery which little now globe bear you can get and I got the polar bear wearing a star hat and gloves. The tint is as it’s name would suggest a velvety formula that fluffs over any lip imperfections. The scent is a sweet floral and it has no taste. The formula takes a few seconds to set and it is budge proof. I swatched it on my hand then tried to wash it off THEN took a shower and the stain was still there. I had to scrub with a make up remover to get the color off.

Pearly nights tint swatches

Pearly nights more swatches
MORE SWATCHES! Top highlighter, Bottom liquid eyeshadow, Bottom Right washed off lip tint

Final Thoughts: 4/5 This collection is a must have for the season. The liquid eye shadow makes a statement and is a close dupe for the Stila liquid eyeshadow. The highlighter is glittery and metallic and great for a special night or a holiday party. The lip tint is beyond adorable while being vibrant and long lasting. This collection makes me want more and the price points are budget friendly if you are looking to add some christmas magic to your collection.

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