Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion Review-Pearly Nights Edition


Hello! How is everyone doing today? I have tried a few Clio and Peripera cushions in the past and while Clio cushions never seem to mix well with my skin Peripera ones tend to work out for me. During the summer Peripera released a moving cushion design that was so adorable with their two of their color formulas (green and pink) and spoiler alert I enjoyed the green cushion. So I was happy to see they had another moving cushion design but they only released two of the three color correcting options, purple and pink. The reason I chose purple instead of my trademark pink is because through online swatches the purple looked to be darker.

Peripera side by side cushion

I purchased this cushion from testerkorea for $10.27 and you get 14g of product. I purchased the darkest shade #3 Sand. This cushion is also available through amazon as well.  This cushion is offered in three shades and in a lavender and a pink option. The claims on this product are: SPF50 PA+++, UV Protection, whitening, and wrinkle improvement. Created a fresh, luminous sheen with build able coverage for naturally radiant skin.  I tried out this cushion for a little over 2 weeks. I was curious and did a side by side comparison of the green and lavender cushion and I don’t see too much of a difference. Granted they are both the same shade #3 Sand ,but I thought maybe I would see a different bit of something.


The color match is very close to my NC25-30 skin tone and feels very light on my face. This product is scented very heavily of sunscreen that does fade after application. I found this to be more of a matte finish on my skin that turned to a satin finish as the day went on and a light-light medium coverage. The formula does build well on itself and doesn’t cake up throughout the day. I really enjoyed the smoothing effect the cushion has on my skin without any help from a primer. The formula mimicks the skin’s texture and is light on the face and comfortable to wear throughout the day. I enjoyed the finish and it seemed to plump up my skin and it did look more radiant. This did start to break down on my face at about 5 hours and I did see some had worn off on my chin area and a bit on my nose. I also didn’t notice any break outs from this cushion. But after finding out it was “moisturizing” I didn’t expect it to last as long as my matte cushions. I also didn’t mind pulling this cushion out of my purse because it looks so damn cute.

Final Thoughts: 3.9/5 I love the look of this cushion. The formula feels very natural on the skin and gives lighter coverage. It isn’t as long lasting as some other cushions I’ve tried, but it makes my skin look more lively and radiant. It does also have a strong scent of sunscreen.

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