Innisfree My Foundation + Brush Review


Hello everyone! I have an interesting foundation review today from Innisfree. I have tried a foundation from them before that I really enjoyed in the smart drawing line so I hopped on the chance to make my own customizable foundation. You are able to choose from 5 colors, 5 coverage levels, and 3 moisture levels. There are also new brushes that came out with the line, a cover and a glow brush. I purchased both items from the brush is $13.74 and the foundation is $17.99 for 30ml.

Brush and foundation innisfree

For this foundation I chose a matte high and highest coverage foundation in the darkest shade N23 True Beige. The foundation comes in a lovely glass bottle with a pump and is quite heavy. The claims for the matte version are “Jeju volcanic scoria powder controls unnecessary sebum and creates a long-lasting makeup.Mineral Cover Complex gives a natural coverage and minimizes oxidizing to make a clear and bright skin tone.” I first noticed when I pumped out the foundation was the fragrance. It smells delightfully floral but it is STRONG and lingers. The formula is a little too thick for the brush to spread everything easily so I either opt for a very densely packed brush or a sponge. This foundation really sticks to the face and sets quickly. I also do not powder my face with this foundation. When I first apply the foundation it looks a bit masky (even with a light layer) and because it is so full coverage the shade looks a hair too light for my face. I was hoping since they had started to offer darker shades in their cushion it would have been carried over for this foundation but sadly no. And while it doesn’t cling to any dry patches it does settle into any lines. But the more the oils on my face break through the more beautiful this foundation looks on my skin. After about an hour or so of wear everything on my face looks softened and fresh, but all my imperfections are covered. And the formula does hide most of my pores. Even after 9+ hours in this foundation I never look even the slightest bit oily, but I will see wear and some cakeyness around my mouth and chin area at about the 6 hour mark. I do love that the formula doesn’t irritate or clog my acne prone skin.

Innisfree my foundation swatch
That coverage! 


For the brush like I said earlier you have to work a bit harder with this foundation go get it all blended, but with more thinner formulas or if I mix it works well. It is also a unique shape that helps with getting around my nose and blends out my concealer around my eyes with ease. The bristles are very soft and not actually duo fiber just dyed to look like it. So far it has washed well with minimal to no shedding.

Final Thoughts: 3.9/5 I enjoy the formula of the foundation after the oils on my face have started to eat away at it. It is very matte and very full coverage. It also has a strong floral scent. I kind of wish I would have dialed down the foundation before I purchased. 4/5 I enjoy the brush and it works well for other foundations and well for blending concealer.

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