Yellow Blush Review


Hello everyone! I have an interesting post today, I tried out yellow blush! I was perusing through the new arrival section of a new website I discovered and I saw a blush color I had never seen before. Before I knew it I had to have it in my cart. Upon receiving it I realized I had to actually wear it and hope it didn’t look like I had jaundice.

The SAEM Single Blusher in YE01 Honey Yellow 5g for $3.61: This blusher does come in 7 shades total and for the price I thought why not try out this unique shade since lilac/ violet blushes do not seem to work for me sadly. The other shades are lovely pink and purples and a lovely deep red orange shade. In the pan the shade looks like a gorgeous golden rod and translates to a more yellow on the skin. It does have a floral scent to the blush that I find surprising but pleasant. The texture is smooth and silky in the pan and it is light is application but it lets you build to your desired intensity. I was surprised but thankful because it is a bit intense and quite frankly intimidating in the pan. For the performance of the blush it does last for about 5 hours and I enjoyed it so much I went back and ordered the red orange color.

right side is blended left is not

Since I got this blush a few days ago I have been wearing it every day. I feel like it warms up my face and blends in nicely with my bonzer and highlight and it is really growing on me. And I have paired it with other blushes and it is beautiful when layered underneath other blushes to get a custom color and a different look. It is different but fun. To be honest no one has said anything in favor or not of the different blush shade. What do you guys think?

In artificial lighting



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